Imperial Hotel

Imperial Hotel in Riviera, Bulgaria

Majestic in its importance and background.
Splendid in its design, atmosphere and service quality.
Imperial hotel has become the symbol of Riviera Holiday Club embodying the philosophy of the VIP resort since its opening and up to the present moment.

Location оf Imperial Hotel, Riviera

It is close enough to all the important points- the beach, all sports and entertainment facilities in the resort and all public transport bus stops.
Moreover, the hotel is delicately secluded amongst rich park vegetation and beautifully arranged landscape.

Facilities in Imperial Hotel

Magnificence can be also felt in the atmosphere of the winter garden, the spacious lobbies and the luxurious rooms, suites and maisonettes of the hotel.
The hotel offers a wide range of services featuring:
- a conference centre with the best conditions for business tourism and
- SPA & Wellness services.

Rooms and Accommodation in Imperial Hotel

All the 72 rooms are air-conditioned and with a sea-view. The rooms view the resorts own beach and the sea garden.

Food and dining, restaurants and bars in Imperial Hotel


Imperial restaurant

Situation: next to the reception of Imperial hotel
Capacity: 2 rooms with total 120 seats and a sea view terrace with 24 seats
Cuisine: classic restaurant with international cuisine and splendid selection of refined drinks.
Suitable for corporate events and personal occasions, wedding.

Imperial Café Garden

Situation: The coffee garden is a part from the hotel and offers a terrace with a splendid view to the sea.
Capacity: covered part with 50 seats and a terrace with 60 seats
Cuisine: confectionery, fresh salads and sandwiches, refreshing drinks
The atmosphere is suitable for corporate parties and private cocktails.

Imperial Beach restaurant

Situation: straight on the sea shore in front of Imperial hotel
Capacity: covered part with 50 seats and an open-air part with 140 seats located in terraces and in romantic pavilions.
Cuisine: international, fusion, exotic fish specialties, selected wines.
Freshness and freedom in the ethereal decisions of the space arrangement. The warmth in the natural nuances of the exotic wood and the atmosphere of finesse predispose relaxation and pleasant meetings.

Imperial lobby bar

Situation: in the foyer of the hotel
Offering: high class alcoholic and soft drinks, cocktails, cigars
Light music and comfortable atmosphere.

Imperial pool bar

Situation: next to the indoor swimming pool of Imperial hotel
Offering: variety of refreshing drinks

Recreation & entertainment in Imperial Hotel

Imperial Vital Source SPA

The SPA centre of the Imperial hotel is the first SPA centre in Bulgaria, built in Mediterranean style. In the procedures and cosmetics the SPA centre offers wide range of products- body scrub, water meditation, different kinds of massages, special therapies, men care, SPA packages. The products of world wide known firms are used.

In our SPA center all treatments and cosmetic are held with mineral water from our own source. This strengthens the effect of each cosmetic and special programme.

Sport & Entertainments

Tennis court

The most modern up-to-date tennis courts are in Riviera Holiday club. The three courts have special surface manufactured by top technology of the renowned Italian company Limonta. The surface is similar to that of Roland Garros courts, licensed by the International Tennis Federation (ITF) and has all clay-court advantages while avoiding its major drawbacks.
The courts do not freeze even in the coldest winter days, thus they can be used all year round. If the courts are covered they do not produce the unpleasant “hothouse effect” which is rather common with the conventional clay courts. The surface does not soil players’ shoes and outfit and the wind does not pick up the clay. The courts are provided with special drainage and are perfectly ready to welcome their players in as short as 30 minutes after any downpour. Since the surface is perfectly smooth the ball has a perfect bounce like in laboratory conditions and provides utmost comfort for both professional players and amateurs.
The courts have been built very professionally and even a manufacturer’s representative has acknowledged that Riviera’s courts are better than those of the Swiss capital Bern.
To beat the Swiss by quality and precision is a fact, which is worth seeing and… trying!
Welcome to Riviera and play on the best tennis courts of Eastern Europe! Experience the full pleasure of a perfect tennis game environment.

For reservations call: 052/ 386 756
Open: every day from 08.00 to 20.00 h

Swimming pool

Imperial Hotel has a swimming pool with mineral water (12.5 x 25 m.)
The guests of the hotel can use the outdoor swimming pool in front of Lotos hotel.

Table tennis


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